Republicans are not the party of family values!

I know that might seem very inflammatory but just stick with me I promise I have a more substantive point to make. Before I get into my point I want to first point out I believe people on the right of course love and care about their families.

In order to understand why the right does not represent family values, we must first understand why they claim they do. Growing up in a conservative family and faith I think I can confidently say these are the main claims:

  • Pro-Life

I am sure there are more, let me…

President Biden’s Address to Congress

Last night the Nation was addressed by President Biden and followed up by the Progressive response, Jamal Bowman, and the Republican response, Tim Scott. Biden announced plans for infrastructure and the new American Families Plan, which total about $6 trillion. He plans to pay for it via raise in ultra wealth tax and some deficit spending. Tim Scott said it was too much. That Republicans were willing to do infrastructure but only on a limited scope of what Democrats are proposing. Jamal Bowman said Biden’s plan was a great first step but does not go far enough to address the…

The insurrection we witnessed today is not the same as the rioting and looting carried out during the George Floyd Protest of the summer. The protesters were fighting for basic human rights and justice. The seditionist today sought to overthrow our democracy and suppress the voice of those they disagree with.

Those on the right want to make them one and the same. They are not. One is insurrection and the other is not. In order to understand the other we must understand the history of oppression and slavery in our country.

The history of slavery is one we tend…

Before my right wing friends say, “No wait this election is not over,” for all intents and purposes it is. I am not going to be litigating the Republican assertions of voter fraud or what Trump might do in this article. I am sure there are plenty of debunked Youtube videos you can watch on that topic.

Moving on to the topic at hand. I have noticed a lot of people on social media, who were very anti Trump, all of sudden start posting anti-Biden post. To most people who are not in the weeds of left wing politics this…

As we head into election day one of the biggest questions of the Biden ticket is whether or not they will pack the courts. Biden and Harris both have both come under fire for avoiding this question in the debates and in subsequent town halls. But is this the right question to be asking? Who is really packing the courts? And what precedents are being set by the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett?

In the first clash between Trump and Biden, Trump claimed Obama and Biden left him 128 judicial seats for him to fill? And then mocked them for…

If you did not watch the debate last night and are waking up this morning to a barrage of clips from the debate, wondering what did I miss, everyone who watched the debate live is thinking the same thing. How can this be our country? And worse, it probably did not change a single decided voters mind.

As I laid in bed restlessly trying to fall asleep I could not help but feel discouraged. I have friends, mentors, and family members that have decided to back the greatest threat to our constitution that I have ever seen. I started to…

Joshua Louk

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